Pure Native
New Zealand
Mānuka & Kānuka Honey

Native Kiwi® honey is genuine
New Zealand honey
harvested, tested, packed and verified in
New Zealand

Mānuka Honey
Kānuka Honey

raw and natural

The natural richness of our ancestral land brings you genuine native goodness.

Natively grown, harvested and bottled
in New Zealand

Discover Native Kiwi® Honey

Health & Taste
One of Natures Finest Honeys
Our Unique Blend

Certified Purity & Quality

Verified by the New Zealand Government agency AsureQuality.

  • Origin
  • Environmental
  • Social & Ethical
  • Safety & Quality
  • Nutrition

What ever country you are in, wherever you are – the Native Kiwi® QR code on our honey jar lid can be scanned for your peace of mind. This is your certainty of food transparency and authenticity.

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Mānuka Honey
Kānuka Honey
Mānuka & Kānuka Honey